What it means when God said “Let there be Light”?

Can you just imagine the world we live today without light? Everybody would be living a life of being blind that we can’t do so much for ourselves.

The existence of light is very important for us which allows us to grow and harvest our food to eat. Yes, other living things especially plants do need light to survive. So without plants, it will be impossible for us to live on this world.

On the Bible’s Old Testament, the word “light” was first mentioned on Genesis 1 verse 3.

Genesis 1:3

Some individuals interpret what God said about “Let there be light” as a form of metaphor. This means, it has a deeper meaning. The reason why is because of the very first verse Genesis 1:1 which stated that God created the universe.

Genesis 1:1

When God created the universe, everything had already came into existence including light. The rest was more about redesigning it particularly earth.

On the other hand, some individuals do have an understanding that light only began to exist on Genesis 1:3 when God commanded it.

If you are going to read the succeeding Holy Scriptures about God’s creation of the world, God had commanded all things to come into their rightful places.

Now, when it comes to my own understanding. Both interpretations are correct.

When God created the universe, it means that He already created everything. This means that physical form of light may already exist somewhere else in the universe. However, earth remains undeveloped at that time which is described on Genesis 1:2. So at this point, God started renovating earth for us human to live.

God commanding the light to appear on Genesis 1:3 was God’s creation of light specifically for earth.

Metaphorical Meaning of Light

The Holy Bible mentions more about light but with metaphorical meaning.

One of the best Scripture that I like most is John 8:12 where Jesus said that he is the “light of the world”.

John 8:12

This Scripture is actually so easy to interpret where Jesus was speaking in metaphor and not the physical form of light. We will discussing more about the meaning of this Scripture on another separate post.

Another Scripture found on the Holy Bible about light which has connection between God and Jesus Christ can be read at 1 Corinthians 4:6.

1 Corinthians 4:6

On this Scripture, God’s creation of light from the very beginning is mentioned. And as a Christian, He is the same God who made his light shine into our hearts which means that we are able to understand and interpret His glory through the teachings of Jesus Christ.


Physical Light

In the Old Testament, when God spoke of the words “Let there be light”, it was a form of creation where physical form of light appeared.

But in the New Testament, light is more often used as a metaphor especially when light is referred to Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ being the light of the world means that he brought enlightenment to this world. So anyone who follows his teachings will never be lead astray and get salvation with eternal life. In short, light can be interpreted as the truth or guidance towards our salvation.

Why is Earth the only Planet Not Named after a Roman god?

By the time that we start going to school as a kid, one among the major subjects being thought is science. This is the subject that we importantly need to educate ourselves because it does really help knowing them.

Although, there are some aspects of science that often left us with some curious questions such as why did they named the planets in our solar system after the Roman gods and goddesses except earth?

Let’s name them all except those that are just recently discovered:

1. Mercury
2. Mars
3. Venus
4. Saturn
5. Neptune
6. Uranus
7. Jupiter

According to my research, people from the ancient period of time named these planets after their Roman gods and goddesses.

Solar System Planets

It has been theorized that all of these seven planets were probably clearly visible to the naked eyes of the people in the past. This was the closest speculation for them to know the existence of the planets unless they were actually technologically advance that we never thought about.

But at this time, they do not consider earth as a planet yet. It is probably the reason why they never changed its name.

Many years later passed particularly at the 17th century, humans had concluded that earth was also a planet.

Did the Bible Originally Named the Planets?

God never gave any names to those planets in our solar system except for the two of earths’ main light sources which is the Sun and the Moon. He even never referred to them as planets but “stars” and there are no further description about them that can be found on the Bible.

Try to read Genesis 1 verse 16.

Genesis 1:16

The creation of the planets which are stars takes us back when God created “lights from the sky”. Thus, their sole purpose is to emit light from the sky which can only be observed during the night.

In my own opinion, the stars or planets aren’t really much important for us to know about. If it happens that they can be inhabited by us humans, it isn’t really necessary for us to go and live into those planets because we already have everything we need here on earth.

But, I highly doubt if there are any planets out there that are pretty much the same as earth. It’s because according to the Bible, earth was the only place designed by God for mankind to live and prosper.

Is Earth really a Planet?

In the field of science, earth is 100 percent a planet. But in the Holy Bible, I couldn’t find any on its Scripture that it is considered as one among the stars in space or universe. Thus, it is not a planet or star.

Earth isn’t even the name of this world that we live in. God simply referred to earth as the “land or ground” areas of this world.

Read Genesis 1 verse 10.

Genesis 1:10

In my own personal opinion, I totally agree that it is best to call it earth rather than by any other name because God repeatedly mentioned it several times. Everything He made were for the benefit of the earth making it completely habitable for us to thrive.

Why did they name the Planets after Roman Gods?

With so many interesting names that one could come up to name the planets in our solar system, why did they choose to name them after the Roman gods and goddesses?

The answer to this question will take us back since the ancient period of time. Most people of the ancient world actually viewed that beyond the sky was the heaven. So for this reason, every objects that they discovered or sighted from space was that, they considered them as their gods and goddesses.

Every cultures around the world do have different names for the planets. But there is one thing in common, they name them after the gods that they worship.

You may even be surprised to know that the ancient Egyptians worship the sun as their god. Another interesting fact is the occurrence of the “solar or lunar eclipse”. Many people in the past believed that this rare event means that their god was angry where they immediately need to pray and ask for their forgiveness.

The earliest record on our history that named the planets according to their gods were the “Babylonians”. They had given names such as Nabu, Ishtar, Ninerta, Nergal and Marduk.

When the Greeks came next into power, they replaced it into their own deities names where they called them Hermes, Aphrodite, Ares Zeus and Cronos.

Next to the Greeks were the Romans in which they renamed the planets into their own and it is what the West have adopted and use until today.

Some of you may ask about the dwarf planet called, “Pluto” which was discovered back in 1930. This means that ancients didn’t originally named it but the scientists at the time of its discovery named it after the Greek god of the underworld.


Since we now know that the only reason why the ancient people named the planets according to their gods was due to their lack of knowledge about them. Isn’t it a good idea to rename them again to a much better and suitable ones?

Planet mars being now called by many as the “Red Planet” is one good example.

Scientists should come up with better names for these planets that provide some interesting and useful information about them. It’s because calling them by their Roman god names which is currently being thought at school just makes no sense to a kid.

Analysis about the Separation of Light from Darkness

On the first day of God’s creation of the entire universe, the world is nothing but complete darkness. So on His command, He created light. Then, He separated the light from darkness so that the light will be referred as “Day” and the darkness as the “Night”.

If you want to get a view of what’s total darkness look like, just go to a dark room and then close your eyes. That is complete total darkness where you won’t be able to see even a tiny small shiny spot.

The complete Scripture from the Holy Bible can be read at 1st Genesis verses 1 to 5.

With darkness, there is no beauty which is connected to creation that can be seen around the reason why God commanded for the light to appear.

The question here is that, can light co-exist with darkness?

The answer is “no”. So when God created light, it overlapped darkness where everything were clearly visible. Perhaps this was the reason why God was pleased by what he saw as mentioned on 1 Genesis verse 4.

Since darkness was completely replaced by light, God thought of giving it a place so He decided to separate the light from darkness. And, this was the end of the first day of God’s creation of the universe.

Based on my understanding, God must had placed the light on the west side of the universe while the darkness remains on the east side. They were constantly on that position. So if you are going to travel to the west, then you are at the “Day Side” while “Night Side” on the opposite.

The Creation of the Sun, Moon and Stars

A conflicting verses about God’s first creation about the light is at 1st Genesis verses 14 to 19. These verses describes how God created the sun, moon and, stars that gives light down to earth.

My understanding to these verses is that, God made some necessary adjustments and improvements. Originally, the light He first created had no source or sources. It was just completely light that shines out from nowhere. So on 1 Genesis verse 14, God placed this light at a better position which is on the sky.

He did it in a manner as describe on 1 Genesis verse 16, God created the sources of lights which are the sun that gives light during the day and the moon and stars at night.

As you are going to continue reading 1 Genesis verse 17 to 18, God positioned all the light sources he made up into the sky which brings light down to earth. They are the rulers of the day and night where they have a very important function of “separating light from darkness”.


God’s creation of the light and separating it from darkness isn’t just for us to see the world with our eyes. It also has an important role to “time” which allows us to know the number of days, years and when to celebrate special events particularly, religious festivals.

The Dome Mentioned on 1st Genesis 6 to 7

Are you a conspiracist? If yes then, you will surely enjoy this topic because we are going to discuss about the mysterious dome from the sky that prevents anyone from exploring the outer space.

I know that such knowledge is against what you have learned in school particularly in your science subject. This is about man being able to break their way out from the outer space and landed on the moon.

Today, there are already some reports where astronauts are planning on sending a manned-mission to the red planet known as “Mars”.

But, if you are going to ask me then, “no one has ever broke out from the dome” and it is impossible to explore the outer space.

Let’s carefully read 1st Genesis of the verse 6 to 7.

The Dome Divides the Water in Two Separate Places

On the 1st Genesis of the verse 6 to 7, the Holy Bible clearly stated that God created a dome (the other common term is also known as “firmament”). The main purpose of this dome or firmament is to separate water into two different places.

My own understanding to this is that, the entire world was first actually filled with water. Literally, a world with water except for the “light” that God first created mentioned on 1st Genesis verse 3.

So God’s next creation was a division which is the dome or firmament as already stated above. This division had created a separation somewhere in between this entire body of water which opened a space. God called this space as the “sky”.

Now, I want you to pay more attention into this part of the Holy Scripture where it stated, “water under it from the water above it”.

It is so very clear that due to the dome that God had created, there are now water from above the firmament and below it.

The separation of the water and the creation of the dome was all created by God on the second day.

Why God did not just completely removed the Water Above?

It would really be nice to know if the outer space is indeed a vast empty space that is not filled with water. Through our advance human technology, we can actually send brave astronauts out there for exploration.

But, I highly doubt if we could find any place out there that are perfectly suitable for human habitations.

Anyway, Earth is actually a very large place that can accommodate all of us. I don’t believe any of those nonsense information that our population is so overwhelming that sometime in the future, there is not enough room for everyone.

If we are going to look into the Holy Scripture found on 1st Genesis verse 28. God blessed both the first male and female that He created to bear many children. And, their descendants will also populate all over the Earth.

That’s it. Our Creator never mentioned any limitations such as when to stop. Thus, this gives me the conclusion that Earth offers more than enough room for each of us to have their own rightful place to live.

Going back about the water above the dome, this actually prevented any space exploration. Exploring space is probably the same thing as exploring the underwater found here on the land.

Did you know that we can’t still explore the deepest portion of the sea? And, why?

The answer is, “pressure”. If a submarine would go quite deep under the water then, the pressure will crush it like a tin can.

Therefore, astronauts can’t also go any further away from the firmament provided that the pressure is above. But if the pressure is below then, it is quite impossible to even penetrate the outer surface of the dome.


God made everything with a purpose. The dome and the water found above and below clearly prevents us from going any further from Earth. It’s because Earth is the only perfect living place for us to thrive designed by God. In short, there is no post of going out there.

I read on some sources that the funding made into those space exploration and their high-tech equipment are composed of insane amount of money.

Why not just use that money to make Earth a much better living place for all of us instead of looking for another place somewhere from afar with very little chance of being able to find one.

The End of Times as Foretold in the Revelation

When talking about “Revelation” from the Bible, it can really strike quite a fear on me. It’s because basing from what is currently happening around us, particularly the world, written and prophesied on the Holy Scriptures are slowly being fulfilled.

The Bible particularly the second book called, “The New Testament” is where you can read Revelation. This is the final scripture where it describes the End of Times but in parable form.

Although, it is not completely in parables where there are also some direct details especially the signs that indicates the beginning of the End of Times.

The Signs of End of Times

Jesus actually had provided us some very important clues in the form of signs about the End of Times. These signs involves worldwide events which ensure that every Christians at any part of the world will become aware that the final prophecies are now being unfold.

So what are these signs?

Great Earthquakes

I wanted you to take a very close look at the two words “great earthquakes” from Luke 21:11. If you noticed it, the event is in plural form which means, there will be a lot of earthquakes that will occur around the world.

As for the word “great”, we can easily translate what it exactly mean in relation to earthquake. It means powerful or very strong that can cause so much damages, casualties and for the worst part are a lot of deaths.

According to Wikipedia, the total earthquakes worldwide that occurred back in 2017 alone was 12,860 where there was one that reached the highest magnitude scale. It happened in Mexico in the 8th of September.

As time goes on, the occurrences of earthquakes will only become more common and more violent.


Plagues are now more commonly considered today as very infectious type of diseases. In the past few years, there were so many of them that suddenly surfaced which affected both humans and animals.

We won’t be able to cover them all on this post so let’s just take a look at the report this last year of 2017.

1. Hepatitis A

In September 2017, the United States of America had suffered from Hepatitis A outbreak. It was first observed at San Diego, California where it spread like wild fire which forced the health officials to declare a State of Emergency on the month of October.

Then on the month of December, the total number of reported cases was 571. Out from this number, 390 of the infected individuals were hospitalized. And sadly, 20 of them had died.

The virus continued to plague the two nearby cities of California which are Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. Then it also suddenly appeared in the other 4 states namely Colorado, Kentucky, Michigan and Utah.

2. The Black Death

On the month of August 2017, there was an outbreak of plague that attacked Madagascar. Health officials had confirmed three types of the plagues which are pneumonic (390 cases), bubonic (355 cases) and, septicemic (1 case). That not all, there are 207 more types of plagues that still remain unclassified by the expert.

3. Salmonella Infections by Maradol Papayas

Reports claim that the maradol papayas where imported from Carica de Campeche farm in Tenabo, Mexico which got distributed in 23 states of the US. And on May 17 to October 4 of 2017, cases of the illnesses started to surface.

The infection caused a total of 220 individuals to feel terribly ill that 16 of them had to be hospitalized. And among them, 1 had died.

4. Marburg Virus in Uganda

The Marburg virus can be acquired from the African fruit bats. If you got infected, the symptoms will start to appear in 5 to 10 days period. The symptoms includes fever, chills, headache and myalgia. As for the worst part, there is currently no cure or vaccines for this virus.

There was an alarming outbreak of the virus in the Eastern region of Uganda on October 17, 2017. It was confirmed that there were three people who acquired the virus and they end up dead.

5. Cholera Outbreak at Yemen

A staggering number of 994, 751 individuals in Yemen got infected by a life-threatening disease called, “cholera”. Among this large number of people, the disease already claimed 2,226 lives – according to the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin published on December 2017.

6. E. Coli 0157:H7

On May 2017, a toxin called “E. Coli 0154:57” has infected 12 states of the US causing a total of 32 individuals to fell ill. 12 of them got hospitalized and 9 had developed serious health conditions. They actually developed hemolytic uremic syndrome and kidney failure.

Fortunately, there were no reports of death counts.

7. Diphtheria in Bangladesh

A disease called, “diphtheria” has plague Bangladesh where according to the World Health Organization, there were a total of 804 suspected cases. And, there were already 15 individuals who died from it.

8. Avian Influenza (H7N9) in China

China was hit for the 5th time by an Avian Influenza or more commonly known as “H7N9” on September 13, 2017. WHO had reported that there were a total of 764 patients diagnosed with the virus.

9. Legionnaires’ Disease

Disneyland situated at Anaheim, California got hit by the “Legionnaire’s disease” where reports claim that there were 12 people affected. And, it has already taken 1 precious life.

10. Campylobacter Infections

In this past year of 2017, an infection called “Campylobacter” has spread to 12 states of the US causing a total of 97 people to suffer from the illness. 22 of them required treatment from the hospitals.

- The original source of this information can be found at Contagion Live.


You might be living from a place where you have sufficient or abundant source of food. If you do then you should be thankful because on some parts the world, there are so many people suffering from famine or starvation.

According to Washington Post, famine around the world is now threatening the lives of about 20 million people. This is a number far greater than the number of people who suffered starvation in the past WW2.

There are three main causes of starvation and they are the following:

1. War and Conflicts

War and conflicts simply bring nothing to us but destruction. The news today are now filled reports about them.

Just to name a few of these countries, we have Congo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Central African Republic, and so on…

These countries got devastated due to conflicts which left many of their residents suffering from hunger.

2. Greed

People have now become so greedy that they wanted so much wealth. Thus, countless commercial establishments are built resulting to the increase of pollution in all aspects of our environment.

Pollution has a huge impact against crops and animal livestock. When crops are exposed to a polluted environment, they get injured, reduced their growth and yield, and result to premature death.

3. Natural Unknown Cause

For some unknown reasons, animals just end up dying so as some edible plants are now becoming extinct.

Great Signs from the Heavens

Just search either Google or Youtube by using the keyword “UFO Sightings”. You will get tons of result complete with photos and recorded videos of many strange objects floating from the sky.

In the past, common UFO objects sighted are those flying saucer shape spacecraft. Now, there are many other much stranger things such as the floating city witnessed by many individuals in Yeuyang, China.

We may never know what exactly they are, but there is one thing for sure. They are considered signs of the End of Times prophesized in the Bibles ages ago.

Moreover, with all of the signs already happening around us today, we should all come into our senses and draw ourselves much closer to Jesus Christ by learning more about his teachings from the Holy Bible.

Why God Referred to Himself in Genesis as We?

At the written Scripture found in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible Genesis, there is a very controversial issue about God addressing Himself as "We" or "Us". This means that God is referring to a certain unknown Entity or Entities who is/are already along with Him since the creation of man.

Who is this unknown Entity or Entities that God had spoken to in Genesis?

Is this Entity His Son Jesus Christ?

Or, Are they the angels?

Creation of Man

The plurality of God is first mentioned exactly on Genesis 1:26.

Genesis 1:26

Starting from the very beginning of Genesis 1:1-25, the Scripture clearly indicate that there is only one God who created the entire world until to the part of the creation of man. He suddenly referred to Himself as "We" and "Us" by saying that, "And now we will make human beings; they will be like us and resemble us."

This gives the impression that God needed some help or assistance to His fellow Companions to create mankind.

The First Sin

Another plurality of God is mentioned again in Genesis 3:22.

Genesis 3:22

Adam and Eve had committed the very first sin against God through their disobedience where they had eaten the forbidden fruit from the "tree that gives knowledge of what is good and bad". Because of that, God said that man "has become like one of us".

God mentioned again the word "Us" referring to "Them" and not "He" alone. So to whom is He really talking?

The Tower of Babylon

When the first people of the world built the tower of Babylon, they only have one type of language that they used. So God had decided to introduce different form of languages so that they won't be able to understand one another. This Scripture is written at Genesis 11:7.

Genesis 11:7

In relation to the plurality of God, the word "Us" is used again on this Scripture. Who is along with Him who helped mixed up the language of these first people?

God Appeared to Abraham

When God appeared to Abraham, Genesis 18:1-3 describes the Lord as "three men".

Genesis 18:1-3

It is very conflicting why on Genesis 18:1 states that, "The Lord appeared to Abraham..." which is a singular form. But then, on Genesis 18:2, Abraham saw three men which is a plural form. And as you continue to read on Genesis 18:3, Abraham confirmed that there is more than one of them by addressing the Lord as "Sirs".

Possible Explanations of God as a Plural Being

"Elohim" is actually one of the primary titles of God in the Old Testament. According to some sources, this title has been used over 2,500 times from the original manuscript. In fact, the original title used in Genesis 1:1 is Elohim.

Genesis 1:1

As an English translation, Elohim was replaced with the title "God" which clearly states that the creator is Singular. But, did you know that Elohim is a plural noun in the Hebrew language? So the correct translation should be "Gods". If it's singular then the word "El" should have been used but it's not.

However, if there are several Gods then this will create a major conflict from the Scripture written at Isaiah 44:6.

Isaiah 44:6

Our Almighty Lord God has declared that He is the first, the last and only God that exists. As a follow up, God made another interesting statement at Isaiah 44:8 about other gods.

Isaiah 44:7

At Isaiah 44:8, God had asked the people of Israel of any other powerful gods that He never heard about. This is another solid proof from the Scripture that He alone is the powerful God who is the Creator of everything.

Although, it is still very quite intriguing why the title of our Creator have been used grammatically wrong throughout the Bible. Is it really just an error? If it's not then why did the Holy Spirit choose the word "Elohim" which is a plural term as the preferred title of God?

1. God is Probably Referring to the Angels

Some people claims that God is referring to the angels when he spoke of the word "We" or "Us" particularly in the written Scripture of Genesis. The angels are probably His witnesses who have seen God's creation of the world from the very beginning. Thus, He sometimes use plural terms to refer to His actions.

But, the Bible never mention anything about angels capable of creating human life. There is also no written Scripture found on the Bible that angels are also made in the image of God. Or, man was made in the likeness of angels.

2. God is Probably Referring to Jesus Christ

Some sources claims that the first creation of God was Jesus Christ since he is the "first-born" Son stated at the Scripture at Colossians 1:15. Due to this reason, God was referring to Jesus Christ every time He uses the term "We" or "Us".

Colossians 1:15

Although, the term "first-born Son" seems to have a very deep meaning. It's pretty unclear if it really refers to Jesus Christ as God's very first creation.

As an additional support of this claim is the Scripture of Hebrews 1:3.

Hebrews 1:3

Hebrews 1:3 clearly states that Jesus Christ is the reflection of God's glory so as the exact copy of His own being. He also sustain the universe through his powerful word. And just after going through the trouble of saving mankind of our sins, God gave him the honor to sat at His right side.

If the Almighty God sits at the middle and Jesus Christ is at His right side then, there is probably another Being who sits at the left side. This makes them a total of three Powerful Beings referred at Genesis 18:1-2.

3. God, the Son and the Holy Spirit

God is about everything, the Creator of all things while the Son is referred as no other than Jesus Christ who saved mankind (us) from our sins. But, who is this third being known as the "Holy Spirit"?

The strongest point of the Holy Spirit as a third Entity can be read at Matthew 28:19.

Matthew 28:19

When Jesus ordered his eleven disciples to talk to people everywhere and make them his disciples, he added that these people will be baptized in the name of the "Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit". He said "in the name" which means that there are three different Beings because they have they own respective names. Father, God and our Creator already have His name revealed in the Bible. His Son goes by the name, "Jesus Christ". But, the name of the third Being remains a mystery.

Another Scripture in the Holy Bible with a strong point about the Holy Spirit can be read at John 14:26.

John 14:26

Jesus Christ refers to the Holy Spirit as "The Helper". This clearly indicates another powerful Entity. More description of the Holy Spirit is describe at John 14:16-17

John 14:16-17

Jesus Christ describes the Holy Spirit as a "Helper" and "Spirit". And, this Holy Spirit even have a gender which is a "he". Although, you cannot see him since he is a Spirit.

Overall, the closest possible conclusion is that God referred to Himself as "We" or "Us" (in plural forms) because of His Son and the Holy Spirit who were probably the once along with Him since the beginning of the world's creation.

How God Created Man?

In the First Testament of the Holy Bible, "how God created mankind" starts on Genesis 1:26-27 where He created the first man and women "in His own image" or "making them to be like himself". Does this means that we look pretty much the same as our Creator since we are a copy of His image? Many individuals are actually confused about what this exactly mean so let's uncover the answer.

God had created the first human beings on the sixth day of His creation. This was after preparing Earth as a perfect habitation for all living creatures. On Genesis 1:27, the Holy scripture clearly states that God created both male and female "to be like himself". So here comes another intriguing question.

Genesis 1:26-27

How can God be a male and female?

It is indeed conflicting if we are going to think that God is referring to His physical likeness. Well, it is not because God is spirit (John 4:24) where He does not have a physical body like man.

John 4:24

The meaning behind the creation of human beings based on God's own image are based on this following criteria:

1. Higher Form of Mental Capacity

What makes us completely separate from the other living creatures or animals is our mental capacity to think. We are capable of solving problems, invent machines, artistic and so many other skills that allowed us to advanced our life styles towards technological age.

God had even mentioned on Genesis 1:28 that Earth will be under man's full control.

Genesis 1:28

Through our mental capabilities, we are able to occupy the world and become superior to all other living creatures here on Earth.

2. Good Moral Value

Everyone of us are created by God from the very start that we breathe life on this world with righteousness and perfect innocence. This is the image of God's holiness. We also know what is right and wrong. If we are about to do a certain bad thing, our conscience often tell us not to it because it's wrong.

3. Fellowship and Social Interaction

God's main purpose about the creation of man is to "Glorify Him" (Isaiah 43:7).

Isaiah 43:7

How do we glorify God? The answer into this question is best explained at Psalm 100:2-3

Psalm 100:2-3

On Psalm 100:3, the Bible mentions again the word "people". We are God's people where we do rightfully belong to Him. So in return, we have to acknowledge him as our only God which can be done through worshiping Him with great joy.

As a part of worshiping God, it is actually best done by a group of people or more commonly known as a "fellowship".

On Genesis 2:18, God created the first female companion of the man because living alone is not good. This is probably where the famous quote, "No man is an island" has been derived.

Genesis 2:18

As a result, we need to socially interact with someone. We do often make friends, marry our long time partner in life, have children and etc... All of these social interactions are made in the likeness of God.

4. Free Will

God had created each of us with our own "Free Will". This is our freedom to make our own choices and act on our own decisions. Unfortunately, the first man used his free will to commit the first sin by rebelling against God.

Romans 5:12

On Romans 5:12, due to Adam and Eve's sin, God brought death as punishment which they also passed down into their descendants. This is the reason why everyone has to die someday particularly due to old age.

James 3:9

James 3:9 actually speaks about the human tongue where no one is yet able to tame it. We do use it to give thanks to Him but also, we do use it to curse other people especially our enemies or individuals that we do not like. And that sad part is that, we use it to curse such individual who is created in the likeness of God.

Thus, James 3:9 proves that we still bear the image of God but also the scars of sin that we inherited from the first man.

Creation of Adam and Eve

God's creation of the first man is actually more described in clear detail on Genesis 2:7, the creation of Adam.

Genesis 2:7

God used soil that He took from the ground and molded it into a human figure. And to make it alive, He gave a "life-giving breath" into his nostrils. This first man was a male named, "Adam".

The second human was a female named, "Eve" (Genesis 2:21-22).

Genesis 2:21-22

Unlike Adam, God created the women Eve out from Adam's ribs.

Overall, the Bible teachings about God's creation of the man and the entire world shows the Greatness of His Power. Thus, He is the only God worthy of being acknowledge as the true Lord and God to be glorified by all of us.

The Bible Teachings about Christianity

Christian religions' "Bible teachings" is actually everything about life. It teaches us the best guidance of our life by sharing incomparable wisdom, enlightenment, salvation and etc... The Bible is generally full of advises which is the key that allows us to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is the main reason why the Bible is also referred as "The Words of God".

Almighty God would really wanted to save us all from our sins allowing us to enter His Kingdom particularly when the "End of Times" comes. So through His Prophets, God's words were written and compiled. It then became the Holy Book which is the Bible.


The most unfortunate event known to the history of the Bible was the countless numbers of individuals who were persecuted and murdered just because of reading the Holy Scriptures. Most believers in the past were hunted down like criminals and murdered by blood thirsty men without remorse. Despite of the danger involved, many Christians in the past had sacrificed and risked their lives to preserved copies of the Holy Scriptures to ensure that they get passed down into the next generations. It's really a huge thanks to them that through their effort, the Holy Bible has been preserved. And now, we are lucky enough to read it for free and without getting persecuted by the unbelievers or the anti-Christians.

Bible Teachings About the Ten Commandments

In the Bible, Almighty God had given the "Ten Commandments" that every one of us must follow in order to have a better way of life and the best possible ways to please God of our doings. You have to know that by pleasing God, you are also earning your rights of entering His promised Kingdom.

God had given the Ten Commandments to Moses who wrote His words in Exodus 20:2-17 and in Deuteronomy 5:6-21.

The Bible Describes the Creation of the World

The first written set of scripture from the Bible is Genesis which describes the creation of our world at the very beginning of our time. From that time, only God exists and out of nothing, He created the entire world. This is what made Him the "Creator" of everything.

From the start, the Bible is already teaching us about how powerful our Almighty God who created everything out of nothing. Thus, He is the only One God who deserve to be served by us in return of all the blessings that He has given to us all.

The first humans that walked on the surface of the Earth were Adam and Eve. They were both created by God blessing them with their own "Free Will" or the freedom to do things that they want except to defy God. Eve was actually the last creation of God that satisfied Adam's boredom of being alone. However, both Adam and Eve had chosen to defy God by eating fruit from the Forbidden Tree committing the very first sin of mankind.

The Bible Teaches About Faith

When it comes to Science, people on this field of industry only believes on something that has scientific proof particularly in the form of physical objects that can either be touched or seen. Unfortunately, the existence of God cannot be proven by any scientific means. Based on the Bible, the only proof that God exists is "Faith".

Through Faith in God, there's no need for any tangible proofs it's because you know for sure that God exists and he's always there watching you on your day-to-day life activities. The majority of the contents in the Bible are actually about Faith. With strong Faith in God, people could perform miracles and wonders such as Moses.

Bible Scriptures Reveals the End of Times

This physical world of ours is not meant to last forever. The End of Times has been foretold in the Bible where everyone will receive their judgment. Those who are Faithful and remained righteous until death will be rewarded with Eternal Life. As for those who does not, they will remain dead for eternity.

Although, the Bible never mentioned any exact date and time about the End of Times but signs. Some of the signs are natural calamities such as Earth Quakes, Super Typhoons, Tsunamis and etc... Aside from these natural calamities are conflicts that could result into wars. And, illnesses or diseases without cures that will suddenly wipe out a large human population. If these signs are already being observed then it only means that the End of Times is near.

The reason why the Bible didn't gave the exact date and time of the Judgment Day is to teach everyone to be prepared at all possible times. Always be prepared in a way that you have a strong Faith in God, follow the Ten Commandments and so as all the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ's Teachings in the Bible's New Testament

We are so lucky to be in the generation where Jesus Christ teachings are on the Bible which is the New Testament. His teachings are a lot more clear and easy to understand particularly by anyone who believes in Christianity.

The Bible's New Testament is actually like the revision of the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, believers can directly communicate to God by giving Him sacrificial offerings. But in the New Testament, there's no need for any sacrificial offerings because through Jesus Christ, we can now communicate directly to God by prayers.

Jesus Christ is actually the Man who changed a lot of the old traditions in the Old Testament. Those that were changed are no longer applicable to us such as the one mentioned above. Today, Christian believers now follow the teachings of Jesus Christ it's because he is "The Truth, The Way and The Life".

The Truth refers to all of Jesus Christ's teachings written on the Bible. Since its the whole Truth, there's no room for you to doubt about it. Instead, you should believe his teachings because it's the key to strengthen your Faith and remain a righteous individual.

The Way means your guidance. Jesus Christ's teachings found in the Bible are full of advises that guides you on the right path. So through his guidance, you will never go astray.

The Life refers to your reward which is an Eternal Life provided that you followed all of Jesus Christ's teachings until your physical death.

Moreover, the Bible teachings are the most valuable knowledge that everyone of us must clearly and solemnly understand. It actually teaches us how to draw ourselves closer to God Our Almighty Creator.